China is an interesting country with long and rich history. Cultural values of China, many of which go back more than one thousand years, are worthy of thorough studying. Therefore, the travel agencies will offer a wide variety of entertainment in China. But none of them can claim to be more or less complete study, or at least to be a general inspection of the country.

China is the third country in the world in terms of size. It stretches from the borders of India to the Amur River in the North, from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains in the West. The landscape of China is diverse: the world's highest mountains, the Himalayas and Tibet with eternal snow at the tops, vast plains with calm rivers flowing along them, forests and deserts. South China borders with tropical zones, the Northern provinces are cold. But most Chinese territory is located in the temperate zone. Basically, in most of the territory the climate is continental. In this regard, the best time to see the sights of China are spring and autumn. Those who wish to relax at the tropical resort of the Hainan Island are welcome at any time of the year: the good weather is almost always.

China is remarkable for the fact that the ancient structures and monuments adjoin with the most modern buildings and enterprises. Modernity strongly intrudes into the life of Chinese people, but they still preserve devotion to their antique traditions. However, Shanghai is the most dynamic city in the world.